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Gelinas & Associates

Our firm performs developmental services to secure permits and approvals through the appropriate government agencies. These services include discussions and negotiations with the regulatory authorities having jurisdiction such as:

fire departments
police departments
departments of public works
power utility companies
environmental agencies
building inspectors
code administrators

Our developmental services include preparing and coordinating plans, mountings, renderings and reports for presentations of projects at public hearings/meetings such as:

Planning Boards
Zoning Boards
City Councils
Neighborhood Associations
Community Developmental Staffs

Gelinas & Associates, Inc. also coordinates and performs services that may become necessary to gain final developmental approval or to begin final design. These services include:

Environmental Studies
Hydrology Studies, Reports and Designs
Lighting Evaluations and Designs
Traffic Impact Studies and Reports
Environmental Impact Reports
Remediation and Hazardous Waste Processing
Soil Borings and Sieve Analysis
Foundation Systems Recommendations

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